Ah yes, my favorite coined term: Imagocalypse, continues with Isola #1, a new fantasy comic written by Brenden Fletcher made famous in recent months by Motor Crush, yet another, but unique image ongoing series. He’s also done some other cool things like Batgirl and Gotham Academy. Anyway, this comic is total eye candy, and like most other Image #1’s you take one look at the inside of the comic book and you’re like “Yup I have to read this.” seriously, this comic book is gorgeous. As much as I rag on Image for their oversaturation of of these comics I can’t deny how appealing to the eye they seemingly always are upon first glance. That being said, does Isola belong in the backlog of my graphic novel list I’ll probably never be able to finish as it grows faster than I can shrink it, or is this a comic I’ll explore further with single issues? My subscription list shrinks all the time as I grow tired of filling my short boxes too fast – so only a select few great titles don’t get relegated to the cheaper graphic novel form. Art won’t carry Isola to victory, even if it gets it close, so hopefully Image delivers again with Isola #1.

   We’re thrown into a fantasy world we don’t know a much about, which is a growing trend among these fantasy stories, and we quickly meet Rook, who you can assume is some kind of royal guard, who’s acting as an escort for the Queen of the land, or at least some kind of land. The Queen, for reasons unknown has fallen under some kind of evil spell or curse and has been transformed into a black tiger with blue stripes. It’s somewhat unclear whether or not the Queen can really understand her situation, or even understands our main protagonist, but funny dialogue ensues as Rook tries to communicate with the stubborn and lazy big kitty cat. It’s apparent that the two are on a secret journey of sorts to a land named, ding ding: Isola. As they journey through the perils of a jungle-type wasteland, their relationship keeps their moods uplifted and their preparation keeps Rook’s sword sharp.

   First of all, while the cover of this comic book is wonderful to look at, the title of the comic is completely unreadable. Maybe that’s a minute detail to criticize, but googling this comic book originally was actually difficult because the font of the title is so unreadable. It looks like Jsoia or Jsdla, no joke. That’s a problem. Hopefully they’ll fix it or they’re going to be in trouble. The story itself doesn’t have much weight to it yet. There’s a lot of questions and little answered in this first issue. In the case of a good comic, writers can get away with that annoying trait, and like I mentioned earlier it’s a quickly growing trend among these stories. Luckily the quirky personality of the Queen in lion form and the relationship between these two main characters, as well as the art carry the otherwise confusing and overly unexplanatory first issue. I can’t really say whether I think there’s something truly special here. With comics like Descender and Diesel, it was apparent from the very beginning the comic book would be a hit. This one, is a little harder to tell. However, there’s a great creative team with an obviously fleshed out story with a lot of issues ahead of them, so keep your eyes on Isola, and we’ll see where it goes from here.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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