Listen, I’m a sucker for Star Wars content. I don’t care what it is or who it’s about, I’m probably in. Does Marvel oversaturate the Star Wars comic book market? Yes. Am I their pathetic demographic? Absolutely. Beckett is a one-shot Star Wars comic based off the Han Solo mentor character from the Solo movie. Why is there a comic about this character? Who knows. There shouldn’t be, and yet here I am, buying and reading it. In all fairness, Marvel usually does a pretty good job with these short stories, and it’s hard to pass up these 1 and done issues. As long as they’re not trying to make anything continuous out of this, I can’t really complain. With the controversy that surrounded the necessity and the quality of the Solo movie still here though, I question the decision to print this comic book. DJ from The Last Jedi got his own comic book and I’m sure that sold all of 3 copies total. I gave it a read anyway.

Beckett is about everything you would expect. He’s a scoundrel and he doesn’t care who he screws over if it means he and his team are better off for it. We follow Beckett and his familiar band of criminals across the galaxy in 3 small adventures, paying homage to some characters from Solo and giving us a few glimpses into Becketts otherwise everyday life. He’s clever, shoots from the hip and he gets away with it too. Each different chapter shows a some different sides of the crew, though all seriousness aside, it’s mostly about them getting out of any precarious situation they manage to get themselves into, and there’s not much else to it.

Reviewing a Star Wars comic book is pretty easy for me. Does it feel and look like Star Wars? Yes. Beckett manages with it’s art and story to give off a pretty convincing Star Wars vibe, and that’s more than I can say about a few of the Marvel Star Wars comics of the past few years. The look of this comic works, and while the story is extremely simple and provides nothing new or exceptional it’s also entertaining enough to keep you reading. That info can be turned on its head though, especially when considering what this comic book is. No one really cares about this character, and while I liked Solo, like Woody Harrelson and didn’t mind Beckett as a character, he’s pretty disposable. This comic is obviously designed for die hards and loyal readers, because no one else is going to pick this up, nor should they, and if Marvel is okay with that then it looks like we have a pretty decent comic book here. What more can you ask for? Beckett is a passable comic that should appease Beckett fans. If they’re out there. Kudos to the artist for putting chapters in this comic, and using an entire half page to indicate chapters 1-3. That’s cool and different.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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