The big Tom King event has finally come to its long awaited climax, the wedding is upon us, Batman 50 is here. There has been so much buildup and anticipation for this comic book it’s actually mind blowing. I’ll give it to Tom King, It’s been a while since I’ve seen so much mainstream hype and knowledge about this storyline specifically and it’s really been making some waves in the comic book world. Like King’s run or not, it’s been a very vital and risky project that will go down in Batman’s history as a very memorable run. 50 marks King’s halfway point, but this issue really is the peak of the story so far and the foundation for a bigger and better journey to come. Controversy abound, #50 is a big hefty issue that will leave you struggling to decide whether you love it or hate it.

Wedding Day is here. Not particularly planned, moreso a last minute decision. Unable to wait anymore, the two crime fighting lovers make their plans to have a very low brow wedding away from all the spectators and family, and before long the day quickly approaches. The reality our heroes must face however, is that their lives are far more complicated than the average everyday human. Perhaps marriage is the best thing for them. Perhaps if they marry they settle down and become the perfect, happily-ever-after couple and put their crime fighting days behind them. Perhaps they could continue their lives bringing down the evils of Gotham together, perfectly married and perfectly kick-ass. Perhaps these ideas are unrealistic. As the day draws nearer, they both must decide what’s best for them, and despite how deeply they’re in love with each other, one of them might break.

Batman #50, regardless of how the reader feels about the conclusion and the story in general, is an amazing issue for a couple of reasons. Every other page includes 2 pieces of art different from the main artist. Art drawn by previous artists of Batman’s many, many runs over the years. From Greg Capullo to Frank Miller tons of art styles come together in collaboration to not only make an amazing comic book but an amazing tribute to Batman over the past 80 years of his existence. It’s truly a family reunion of sorts, and it’s something that by no means had to happen. Tom King simply decided it was a great idea, and here we are with one of the coolest collabs I’ve ever seen in all of comic books. Batman #50 is a true celebration of Batman as a character and the love between Bruce and Selina. It’s also an awesome emotional storypiece. Half of the comic is told in letter form, each page alternating between reading through a letter written by Bruce to Selina and a letter written by Selina to Bruce. Both declaring their love, one declaring their doubts. It’s beautifully well paced and executed. King understands how to write Batman from an emotional standpoint, but where he really shines is writing Selina Kyle, a very powerful, independant, intelligent, but damaged person who struggles to make a decision between their love or the rest of the world. Perhaps Tom King’s run of Batman has had some major low points for me, and for the past 50 issues it’s been a consistent love hate relationship. Proper action seems few and far between at times. Sometimes writing just goes a bit too psychological and methodical for how I think Batman should be written, but when King succeeds, he succeeds big, and I think Batman #50 is an awesome work of art.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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