Ascender #1

I think most of the Descender readers always kind of knew what direction the comic book was heading in by the second half of so, but that shouldn’t really take away from anything. A semi-predictable conclusion to a story when as well written as Descender was, is by no means a bad thing. Lemire is a visionary through and through, and the ending of Descender was a breath of relief all of its readers after 32 issues of greatness and suspense. Lemire closing the doors of Descender only opens new ones however and after a short hiatus we’re presented with Ascender, the culmination and presentation of everything that Descender lead up to. I’m not sure if Lemire always had this path in mind (I would wager yes), but with the comics success I can’t imagine he and Image Comics wouldn’t want to continue into another story like this one. Descender is one of the few Image comics I’ve read that remained consistently great throughout, so of course I’m on board.

It’s a little difficult to avoid spoilers from Descender here if we talk at all about the story, because the entirety of Ascender’s world is contingent, so, I’m just going to spoil. Skip to the last paragraph or so if you haven’t read Descender yet. Ascender begins a decade or so into the future. Descender #32 started this timeline and this #1 continues it. Robots are gone and mortal-kind has descended (wink) back into a tribal like form. The people we see worship someone called The Mother, who we quickly learn isn’t exactly the most benevolent leader. Mila, our new main character is the daughter of a now older Andy, the robot hunter and secondary protagonist of Descender. She’s the rebellious type, living with her father outside of the city and outside the grip of The Mother as a free person. Having been born too recently to understand the world previous to the events of the end of Descender however, she doesn’t quite understand her father’s stubbornness and unwillingness to assimilate into this new world. Naturally, she’s curious about the world before, but the coven of witches, also known as The Mothers, have put great effort into wiping out any further traces of robot technology in the galaxy in order to rule it themselves. As our new curious protagonist soon finds though, is that these witches may have not done such a great job after all.

The biggest takeaway from Ascender is that it’s more of the same, and that’s perfect. The art is the same, the style of storytelling is the same. Magic is a sort of new addition to the Descender universe but it fits well into the mysterious nature of the universe in general. Lemire and his partners obviously love this story and their passion continues to show in this new first issue. It really feels like this could go on another 30 issues and beyond, and the team never wavers. They write like they have it all fleshed out in their heads, and I’m painfully excited to see what more is to come with this series.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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