The Dork Den is a friendly local gaming store located in downtown Mankato, MN.

We’re a tabletop gaming and comic book shop specializing in board games, card games, graphic novels, comics, role-playing games and tactical miniature tabletop games.  But we’re more than just a place to purchase hobby games, we’re a haven for gamers and readers to meet, discuss, and share their love for their favorite nerdy game or comic. You don’t need to be an avid Magic player or have an army of miniatures to enjoy what we at The Dork Den have to offer. You’ll always be welcomed, whether you’re a veteran in nerddom or taking your first steps into this awesome world of games and comics!

Dork Denizen Discount

By subscribing to our monthly newsletter you’ll receive a 10% discount in store. That discount includes all of our product except drinks, snacks, tournament entries and some occasional limited product. Almost the entire store falls under this discount so if you’re spending at the store, sign up! It’s quick and easy.

Educator’s Discount

We want to show our appreciation to all the teachers in the community. For their hard work we offer a discount similar to the Dork Denizen program at 10% more. You’ll receive 20% off most product in the store! Come in with your School ID and we’ll get you signed up.

Good Grades Discount

Every time you get your final grades for a term, if you receive at least B’s on all of your classes, we’ll take your GPA, multiply it by 10, and discount one item at the store by that much. Received a 3.6 GPA last semester? You’ll get 36% off an item of your choice. This only works once per report card so choose wisely!

The Dork Den

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