Finally an Oko-less Standard!

What do we do after the most recent Standard bans?

Oko, Thief of Crowns, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time have been banned in standard and I am excited for something new! It is clear to me the Oko, Thief of Crowns was a mistake. I am optimistic that now that he is gone the format will return to the Control vs. Aggro vs. Mid-range of old.

Although, there is limited data available about what the meta will look like there has already been a tournament showcasing what the new meta could be. Today I am going to give you my thoughts on the up and coming decks that performed well in the Twitch Rivals Tournament.

The Decks


Neither of these decks are new. They were both overshadowed by the power level the green decks prior to the bans. The mono-red list was notably played by Aaron Barich who is one of the best pilots of the archetype in recent memory. Not sure if Mono-Red is the best choice right now. This might just be a very skilled player doing well with their chosen archetype. The Knights deck plays 4 Embercleave Woof! A deck very similar to this did put up results pre-oko ban so Knights would be my choice if I wanted my opponents dead as fast as possible. Everyone loves a nice break between rounds. 😛


Green black Adventures is the newest incarnation of green good cards that we own. A solid take on an already existing deck. This deck can generate a back breaking amount of card advantage if you play a Edgewall Innkeeper on turn one. This is what I will be playing for FNM with out a doubt. Paradise Druid remains my favorite card in standard and I cannot stay away.

The Food decks had a break out performance at the Pro Tour. Rakdos Sacrifice is just the next iteration. Gaining incremental advantage over the game by borrowing your opponents creatures and sacrificing fits the theme of theme of the Rakdos guild perfectly. A solid pick to do well in the upcoming format. This deck was played by my favorite mtg pro Thiago Saporito. I have trusted his deck building for years and would rely on this being a good starting point for the deck.


Control is not my cup of tea but undeniably powerful. The Esper control list below starts up right where the pre-Throne of Eldraine format left it. Now that Summer Veil is gone Thought Erasure will be taking my favorite card and revealing my hand to my control playing opponent once more. I really like the return to playing Mortify in this list. I think that Jeskai Fires might be the most played deck in the next meta and it is a really nice answer to the card while not being dead in other matchups.

Jeskai Fires is likely the Boogey Man of the format. A lot of top pros chose to play this deck in Twitch Rivals to solid success. The innovation of Sphinx of Foresight helps this deck get to Fires more reliably. This decks struggle before was always being great with Fires of Invention in play and mediocre without it. If this is the formats best deck I’m all for it. Jeskai Fires still seems like a beatable deck given the right sideboard cards.


My optimism is high for the new standard. I’m looking forward to playing a format that develops a healthy meta and doesn’t just get turned to Elks.


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