November 2nd Commander

November 2nd Commander

This past Friday we had 3 Commander pods for Friday Night Magic. We thought we would share some information about each pod’s winner.

Greg often hops into Commander Night, and he did so this past week. He used an unchanged Adaptive Enchantment deck from 2018’s Commander set. His commander was Estrid, the Masked(pictured). Asked if he will be making any changes Greg did not think he will be making any changes to the deck. He felt it is quite good right out of the package. In his pod the Hydra Omnivore surprised him with its efficiency versus the whole table that did not seem to have any board wipes. As it is Guilds of Ravnica Standard season we also asked each winner what Ravnica guild they belong to. Greg proudly fights for Dimir because it is the house that trolls the best.

Pod two was won by Landon T. His commander was Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. As he won he also felt his deck will not need any changes for next week. The card that caught his pod off guard was Death Mantle. His pod was not ready to have to kill most creatures twice just by paying 4 and returning the creature to the battlefield with Death Mantle attached. The guild that Landon supports is Golgari because death is only an illusion.

The third pod was won by Tim G. His commander was Aminatou, the Fateshifter. Even though he won his pod he plans to change to a different deck for next week. Variety is the spice of life and Magic. The card that caught Tim’s pod unaware was Urza’s Ruinous Blast. Exiling all non land permanents hurt a lot. It is a very good card. Tim is also a member of Golgari because that guild is his favorite color combination. It is dirty and gross.

There are 3 of the decks that won our Commander Friday Night Magic. Build your best Commander deck and come out and have some fun and see if you can challenge these pod winners for victory.

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