The Weather Man #1

The Weather Man #1

Image just doesn’t stop. It’s kind of crazy in all reality. They’re truly a powerhouse of the independent world, and there’s something oddly consistent about the quality of the comic books they’re putting out. But on top of that, there seems to be no quality over quantity method here or vise versa. The sheer amount of quantity and quality Image is putting out on a weekly basis is borderline unexplainable and whatever they’re doing over there it’s working. Weather Man is really no exception and even though I was skeptical about the creative team and the genre of story going into this comic, The Weather Man is really a shining example of the benefits of this company taking risks and allowing these creative teams to put their ideas to page unfiltered.

Mars has been terraformed and of course taken over by humankind. It’s a technological wonderland and every aspect of it is carefully controlled and kept in order. Mars and its volatile ecosystem likely isn’t the most livable place in the universe so the weather is not only controlled but bought as sold as a commodity. Millionaires can purchase days of rain or sunshine and while that may be morally questionable, it certainly makes reporting the weather pretty easy. Nathan Bright is Mars’ #1 weatherman. He’s casual, suave, care free, and you can see why. Life is pretty easy when there’s no research to be done. Report the weather that’s scheduled to happen and your job is done. Life is pretty good, but of course, not for long. There seems to be more going on with Mars than meets the eye, and when Nathan goes on a date with a new mystery woman life comes full circle as he’s thrown into a life or death situation, running from an unknown bounty hunter with his girlfriend who turns out to be a Mars cop. Turns out Nathan is responsible for the death of near 20 billion people, a terrorist attack that took place sometime in the past. While it’s apparent Nathan has no idea what’s going on or even how / if he actually did, everyone wants his head nonetheless.

There’s something really special with The Weather Man. It’s intelligently written and it’s clever. It knows how to be funny and it knows when to be cool, and it’s certainly not afraid to cross any boundaries. There’s a certain amount of potential I see in this comic that I don’t see in a lot of the other really good comic books. Descender / Rat Queens potential, and I really hope the creative team carries it to fruition because they’ve successfully created a comic book #1 that can truly go anywhere and still work. There’s no obvious or right pathway here and that’s pretty useful for not only the creative team but the people waiting eagerly for every next issue. The Weather Man was an extremely interesting and wonderfully written open ended #1 and that’s always a major win in an over saturated comic book industry. Another win-win for Image.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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