Young Adventurer's Guild Summer Mini-Camp
Kids D&D

Magic’s Melting Point
A 5th Edition D&D Adventure for the Dork Den’s Young Adventurer's Guild

The Young Adventurer's Guild…
… is an organized play group at the Dork Den in Mankato, MN that teaches youth how to play Dungeons & Dragons and inspires community activity. The play group is for youth ages 7-18. We began in the summer of 2016 with the first guild activity, Heirs of the Wood, and have had seasonal adventures. The summer seasons, includes a weekly training session where kids adults learn the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons system, to create characters, and work together in creative ways to discover the secrets and overcome the challenges in a custom story written exclusively for the Dork Den Young Adventurer's Guild. As players adventure, they may gain experience, treasure, and other rewards, and make choices that will create the future Young Adventurer's Guild events at the Dork Den.

This is a 2 day mini-camp. Magic's Melting Point was the adventure we were going to run before the pandemic as a 1 day we have expanded it into a 2 day event and have 4 DM's signed up to return and host tables. We have Zack S, LeAnne F, Keith S, and Seth C.

The mini-camp will run from 12pm-4pm August 15th-16th. New Players(or anyone who wants to create a new character) will need to be here at 10pm August 15th. Included in the entry fee will be 2 waters per day and a chip/cracker pre-packaged snack. Each participant will get a store credit for $20 new participants will be encouraged to buy a figure and set of dice with their store credit. We will be aiming to group kids by age and unless requested separating siblings. 


Are Zack, Seth, Keith, and LeAnne coming back to be Dungeon Masters?

Yes Zack, Keith, Seth and LeAnne will be running groups.

Do you have my child's character information from the last adventure?

Yes, we store this information digitally only editing it at the end of each adventure.

What should my child bring with them?

Paper and Pencil with eraser, if they are returning dice and their character, an open mind for adventure and meeting new people.

My child plays with family or friends already, do they need to be signed up as New Monster Slayers?

This will be handled on a case by case basis, you will want to contact The Dork Den to discuss this. Last session we did have some experienced players that were new to Monster Slayers use the Returning Monster Slayer ticket as they didn't want the dice or dice bag and brought their own miniature.

Will my Adventurer's be with the same group as the last event?

We do our best to keep similarly aged kids together and with the same DM's when possible.


Have they played in our kids Dungeons & Dragons games before?

Young Adventurer's Guild Summer Mini-Camp ticket

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What can I win?

No prizes have been listed


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